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Why Buy Wholesale from Timberpart Counters in the First Place?

kitchenwoodendrwersTimberpart Counters has made buying cabinets wholesale easy. We have been able to do this several ways, and we would like to share those with you here.

First of all, we are a true wholesale cabinet supplier. Many other companies say they offer wholesale cabinets but do so only as a sales gimmick. Our customers include builders, contractors, home supply outlets, and others who need to buy in bulk.

The second reason it is easy to buy your wholesale cabinets from us is because we price our products with you in mind. We do not promise the rock-bottom price that some other companies promise, but we do promise that our prices are very competitive. We know how important it is that you stay within your budget and we make every effort to ensure that our prices help you do just that.

We use high-grade materials in our wholesale cabinets. When you see those ads for wholesale cabinets at “rock bottom prices” do you ever ask yourself what quality of materials are they using? Chances are you do ask that question and already know the answer. It is easy to sell cabinets cheap if one is using the lowest grades of materials. We do not do that.

At Timberpart Counters, we only use high-quality materials for our wholesale cabinets. We inspect each cabinet along the production process and never ship anything that we are not proud of. We understand that your customers want and deserve quality products and that is one of the reasons so many builders and home supply outlets are turning to us for their wholesale cabinet needs.

We also make it easy on you in that we offer custom sizes of our cabinets. This means that you can order the exact sizes that you need for your projects. Many other wholesale cabinet suppliers cannot do this. But, we can.

We also make it easy on you in that we carry a full line of styles and designs that you can present to your customers and clients. Cabinets that are well-built in the styles and designed that today’s consumers want are much easier to sell. This can mean more sales for your company as you will be able to service more individual tastes.

Reddish-Cherry-Kitchen-CabinetsOne of the things that we are most proud of is the huge variety of wood (including plywood) that we can offer our wholesale customers. You can find red oak, maple, alder, birch and many more with us. Just like having a variety of designs and styles is important, so is having access to a wholesale cabinet supplier who can handle most wood selection requests. Again, this helps you to make more sales as you can offer a much wider selection of products than your competition.

If you would like to learn more on the ways that we make it easy to work with us, just visit the main site. You will find complete information on what we do and how we do it and why so many are choosing us as their wholesale cabinet supplier.

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