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U.S. Natural Disasters Costing Billions To Homeowners


It is no secret that natural disasters have been in the news now for a few years in the United States. These disasters have destroyed billions of dollars of homes, businesses, and other properties. But, the American spirit is strong, and most of those affected by natural disasters rebuild.

hurricane-sandyAccording to a report released from The National Climate Data Center the data is both shocking and alarming. They report that 2012 was the second worst year (in terms of costs) in America since the 80’s. The appearance of Hurricane Sandy tipped the scales for 2012. It was also reported that the dollar cost for these disasters in 2012 came in an estimated $110 billion. And this amount only represents damages and does not include loss of business that many individuals and companies had to endure.

A surprising fact that came out with the report was that in all of the major events, damages of at least $1 billion were seen. These events happened all over the US and included such things as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and drought. Of all of the 11 major events that occurred in 2012, Hurricane Sandy is reported to be the most costly coming in at an estimated $65 billion in property damages. It is also worth remembering that the storms that ravaged New Orleans and the gulf coast (back in 2005) cost $160 billion.

While there will certainly be more debate about what is causing all of this weather, one thing remains clear. Those who are in the business of rebuilding damaged homes and businesses and those who are in the business of providing supplies for rebuilding should consider how they can best be able to serve their communities should a weather event occur in their area. This is where we come in.

Timberpart CabinetsTimberpart Cabinets would like all of those who need access to wholesale cabinets for rebuilding, remodeling, new home constructions, etc to know that we carry a full line of high-quality cabinets at affordable prices. We understand that when an emergency occurs that requires contractors to act fast, those contractors need access to quality materials, including various types of cabinets. Time is important when an area is trying to rebuild, and we make it a priority to have what contractors and builders need.

Timberpart Cabinets is also able to serve those home supply outlets that may be faced with rushed demand after a weather event. We are specialists in providing some of the finest wholesale cabinets on the market today, and we have a line of cabinets in styles and sizes that your customers want. We provide only the best craftsmanship in our products, but we do so at prices that keep builders, contractors, and home supply outlets happy.

If you find that you ever need to get access to quality wholesale cabinets (for any reason), consider contacting Timberpart Counters. We will be more than happy to assist you, and will be especially proud to help those who are recovering from a natural disaster and need their materials fast.

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