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Top Trends That are Taking the Lead in Kitchen Cabinets for the Industry

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The hottest kitchen cabinet trends are getting influence from across the globe in Europe. With some borrowed styles and a bit of imagination, new trendy American kitchens are now more connected to other parts of the home and feature a more open floor plan. With modern home designs, the redefinition of traditional kitchens is creating new boundaries and creating more open spaces for kitchen cabinetry. More thought is being given to configuration allowing for maximizing storage and shelving, as homeowners are wanting lots a cabinet built-ins for a well-organized kitchen.

Both darker finishes and white are popular, while those who choose the middle ground typically go with a natural oak look. Contractors and building pros are purchasing kitchen cabinets that meet the demands and needs of their clients. Along with quality, consumers are seeking kitchen cabinets with aesthetics and function. Here’s a list of some of the most popular trends in kitchen cabinets.

-Euro-Style Cabinets:

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European-style cabinets have some basic hallmarks that are distinctive. Frameless cabinet construction, hidden hinges, full-overlay doors, full-overlay drawer fronts and soft-close doors and drawers are the typical characteristics. Modern in design, European-style cabinets quickly update a kitchen. With clandestine hinges, the look is sleek with no visible hardware to interrupt its clean lines. Soft-close drawers and doors prevent slamming and increase the lifespan of the cabinet box. With a frameless cabinet construction, there is no older style of a face-frame behind the cabinet doors.

-Cabinets with Picturesque Glass Doors:

Incorporated with a mix of cabinet door fronts, glass cabinet doors are popular for displaying beautiful stemware and china. Glass doors also help keep a kitchen organized, as you can easily see what you’re looking for. Consumers are also loving how the daylight in a kitchen with glass cabinets illuminates the room. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors give the room a fresh new look.

-French-Style Kitchen Cabinets:

Popular designs ideas for kitchen cabinets include incorporating some styles from France. From traditional French country looks to a slick, modern French-style profile, homeowners, builders and contractors are installing French kitchen cabinets to add a delightful personality to a kitchen’s décor.

Brich Kitchen Cabinet-Shaker-Style Kitchen Cabinets:

Today’s Shaker-style kitchen cabinets are old world with a modern twist. They are trendy and can easily be dressed up. Its five-piece style is a frame constructed of four pieces and one flat center panel. With clean and simple lines, it blends well with both traditional and modern kitchens. Consumers can choose from a wide array of wood and wood grain options to add character that sets the stage for the kitchen’s aesthetics.

-Modern Kitchen Cabinets:

Modern kitchen cabinets are popular in two-tone color designs. Along with a modern look, these type of kitchen cabinets can also feature a classic appeal. They are mostly available in bold colors, chrome and white.

While kitchen cabinets introduce the room’s style and personality, it’s also important that they are constructed to accommodate lifestyle and daily work flow. After all, the kitchen is typically the busiest room in the home.

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