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Polyfoam-Packaging Material


Is a type of white foaming agent with air for filling material to use for packaging extensively.


– Excellent protection and cushioning
(Product can be packed in certain area, able to absorb shock and disperse stress)
– Completely contains the product
——-(Mold forming can be shape to various form and fit for the product)
– Low abrasion
– Reduces packaging inventories
– Lightweight – reduces shipping costs
– Ease of assembly increases production
– Moisture does not weaken EPS
– Thermal protection for the product
– Chemically inert
– Waste to energy safe




MATERIAL Organic compound
DENSITY(kg/m3) 10 ~ 30 Normal type in China: 12/15/19
WATERPROOF Good Prevent moisture
TEMPERATURE RANGE – 60 ~ + 80 Suitable for various rigorous environment with no transformation
HEAT EXCHANGE RATE 0.028 ~ 0.039 Prevent temperature change
BURN Will release venenous gas
RECYCLE Poor recycle and with chipping detached effect




SB 1.20 ~ 1.80 For large & heavy packing
S 0.90 ~ 1.30 For normal product
S – 2 0.70 ~ 1.00 For precise product
S – 3 0.50 ~ 1.80 For precise product
F – M 0.90 ~ 1.80 Non-incendive, for tube or timbering
F – S 0.50 ~ 1.00 Non-incendive, for precise electronic equipment


– POLYFOAM/STYROFOAM in high density, small bead diameter will not easy detach chipping or break, it is hard, but the weight & cost will increase.
– POLYFOAM/STYROFOAM in low density, large bead diameter will easy detach chipping or break, it is soft, and the weight & cost will reduce.
– Each type of POLYFOAM/STYROFOAM should fit for the product packing requirement.
– If necessary, we can require on the POLYFOAM/STYROFOAM packing material.

EPE – other kinds of packing material, it is better that EPS, but also its cost is higher than EPS.

– Not contain CFC. No smoke for burning. Good environment protection.
– Independent air bubble structure. Good effect of heatproof and smokeproof. Reach the best buffing effect with the smallest volume.
– Can be produced to various shape for packaging. Reduce material area to decrease flow capital.
– Suitable for electronic, computer, sporting equipment, hardware industry, etc. Can be combined with aluminum piece, anti-static PE membrane, bag making, etc. Anti-UV, moisture-proof, dustproof.
– – 60 to + 80℃, suitable for various rigorous environment with no transformation.
– EPE compression and transformation rate are the lowest in same type of material. Suitable for repeatedly crash buffering. Long distance transport of precise equipment, electronic an computer.