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KCMA Drawer Operation
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KCMA Drawer Operation

ANSI-KCMA General Test Requirements

All tests shall be made on cabinets installed according to manufacturer’s instructions except where otherwise specificed.

All tests shall be run at room temperatures of 20 to 27 degree Celsius(68 to 80 degree Fahrenheit) and at a relative humidity of 35 per cent to 70 per cent unless otherwise specified.

KCMA Drawer Operation

Purpose: To test ability of drawer and drawer mechanism to operate with loading during normal usage

Drawer operation


Test Procedure:
A. Mount base cabinet according to manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use drawer which used in test.
B. Tighten all screws. Load drawer uniformly at 718Pa(15 pounds per square foot) as shown in drawing.
C. Operate drawer through 25000 cycles. one cycle shall consist of opening drawer two-thirds of its depth and returning it to closed position. Attach cycling mechanism so that no additional loads are placed on drawer. Operate at a speed such that excessive heat through friction is not developed.
Required Performance:
1. Drawer shall remain operable at completion of test.
2. There shall be no failure in any part of the drawer assembly or operating system.
3.Drawer bottom shall not have deflected to a position that interferes with drawer operation.