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What is the minimum order quantity requirement(MOQ)?

Normally there is no minimum order quantity requirement in your first order with us. however the price we quote is FOB system base, and if your order small quantity and it
couldn’t cover the FOB charges on the repeated orders, the cost for us actually will be higher and it’s not cost-effective on your freight. we will have a corresponding MOQ on
each item price sheet.

What is the lead time?

Orders are shipped within 35 working days from the day the order is received. the lead time will be slight different, it’s depend on your product specifications and volume

What is Our Capacity

50 40GP containers are our monthly capacity presently. we keep improving our production line and will gain a higher capacity with lower number workers. it is our cost-effective goal.

How much are shipping charges(Freight)?

For this questions, we need you  contact us to specify your production destination. we will provide exact and more information.

Do You Offer Free Samples?

Please take a look on our free samples policy

Free Samples Policy