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All the Different Types of Materials for Fabricating Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Whether you’re purchasing bulk cabinets as a retail supply store or builder, it’s wise to know about the types of materials used in fabricating cabinets. With knowledge, you can purchase the cabinets made from materials that you prefer or ones that best suit your customer’s needs. Most cabinets are fabricated from hardwoods. However, to reduce costs, veneers over a substrate like plywood are typically used. Since wood wraps easily, it critical that the wood be finished on all sides. If cabinetry isn’t finished on-site, it’s best to do it quickly to avoid warping. In high-humidity areas, veneered cabinets are more... Read More

Bathrooms Have Transformed from Utilitarian Spaces to Comfort and Lux

No longer considered just a utilitarian space, modern bathrooms are a place of convenience, luxury and a haven for comfort. Along with built-in audio systems, jet-stream tubs and massaging showers, consumers are seeking bathroom cabinets that have both style and function. That being said, bathroom design for cabinetry has evolved. Today, bathroom cabinetry looks just like furniture with open shelves for storing both towels and decorative items. It’s not uncommon to find bathroom cabinets that actually feature legs. Retail cabinet companies and builders can find a wide array of modern cabinets to meet the new trends from wholesale suppliers. Just... Read More

Decorative Corbels, Architectural Columns and Molding Add Pizzazz

Decorative wood corbels, classic crown moldings, architectural columns and integrated twisted-rope moldings are always the ideal enhancements to achieve a dramatic effect with cabinets and within a room. Craftsmen can finish off a special project, builders can offer something extra special in upscale homes and home décor companies can offer customers special accents for a classic look. It’s these special accents that add interest, drama and function to cabinetry. No builder or home improvement store should be without them. Wood corbels are often used to hold up kitchen countertops or to decorate the kitchen island. They are also functional for... Read More

Top Trends That are Taking the Lead in Kitchen Cabinets for the Industry

The hottest kitchen cabinet trends are getting influence from across the globe in Europe. With some borrowed styles and a bit of imagination, new trendy American kitchens are now more connected to other parts of the home and feature a more open floor plan. With modern home designs, the redefinition of traditional kitchens is creating new boundaries and creating more open spaces for kitchen cabinetry. More thought is being given to configuration allowing for maximizing storage and shelving, as homeowners are wanting lots a cabinet built-ins for a well-organized kitchen. Both darker finishes and white are popular, while those who... Read More

Indonesia Plans to Put Into Action Against Country’s Deforestation

It was recently announced that Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has put forth his support and appreciation for an important initiative that has been set out by several US-based companies in which they hope to reduce deforestation levels in Indonesia. The imporantant announcement was made during the Presidents address at the opening of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 that was held in Jakarta. The President remarked that he strongly supported conversations that may lead to his country’s ability to achieve its carbon emission level targets. In his remarks he said, “The workshop is also relevant to Indonesia, as one of... Read More

Why Buy Wholesale from Timberpart Counters in the First Place?

Timberpart Counters has made buying cabinets wholesale easy. We have been able to do this several ways, and we would like to share those with you here. First of all, we are a true wholesale cabinet supplier. Many other companies say they offer wholesale cabinets but do so only as a sales gimmick. Our customers include builders, contractors, home supply outlets, and others who need to buy in bulk. The second reason it is easy to buy your wholesale cabinets from us is because we price our products with you in mind. We do not promise the rock-bottom price that... Read More

How To Help Your Customers Get the Most Out of Small Bathrooms

When it comes to remodeling cabinets the kitchen often takes the spotlight, but more and more homeowners are now thinking about updating the family bathroom as well, and this mean buying and installing new cabinets. Home supply outlets and contractors who are prepared to help these homeowners may be able to increase their sales levels. Being able to provide assistance and materials (such as custom cabinets) to those who are looking for these items can set a supply outlet or contractor apart from the pack. The main issue with most bathroom remodeling jobs is the size of the space. It... Read More

Plywood Manufacturing in China Is Booming and Will Continue

For those in the construction industry, including those who buy whole cabinets, the news surrounding the production of plywood can be important. What many of those in this industry do not know is just how much plywood is produced in China. The numbers are impressive. For the year 2013, it is estimated that China will produce more than $70 billion in plywood products. This represents an amazing growth of 20.8 percent over the last five years. The reason for this success, which is fueled by sales to industries such as building construction, building remodeling and renovation, wood furniture manufacturing, cabinet... Read More