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Brown Film Faced Plywood

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Brown Film Faced Plywood, Brown Film Face and Back , Poplar veneer core. full hardwood or mixed core as option for the construction material.

No warping, no fracture, no out of shape after installation, and Repeatedly used more than 20 times, Smooth surface and easy to take off without contaminated the surface of concrete


film faced plywood

Brown film faced plywood


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Veneer and Plywood

Types of Plywood

MR glues

WBP glues

Film Faced Plywood Features

  • Material: 1.7mm poplar ply laminated to various finish thickness.
  • Construction: odd number of  plies Poplar veneer core, film face and back
  • Standard size:  4×8 feet, 4×6 feet, thickness at 5mm, 9mm,12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Glue: MR (WBP glue under customers request)
  • Usage :construction material
  • Panel Thickness: 5mm, 9mm,12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Panel Size: 4×8 feet, 4×6 feet
  • Plywood Core Type: Poplar Veneer Ply, 1.7mm thickness/ply
  • Face and Back film covered, brown color
  • Finishing: N/A
  • Glue: MR (WBP  glue under customers request)
  • Moisture: Less than 14%
  • Density: About 600-650kg/m3
  • Loading Quantity: 8 pallets/20GP 16 pallets/40GP 18 pallets/40HQ
  • Packaging:Plywood Pallet + shrink film + plastic strap
  • Packaging Quantity: 1440 pcs  ((12mm x 1220 x 2440)Total 16 bundles, 90pcs/bundle)
  • Plywood Core Options: Eucalypt veneer core, Poplar Veneer Core or Mixed hardwood core.
  • Face Veneer Options: black, brown or anti-slip film
  • Back Veneer Options: black, brown or anti-slip film
  • 20ft container:  22 Cubic Meter
  • 40ft GP container: 42 Cubic Meter
  • 40ft HQ container: 56 Cubic Meter
  • Price based on minimal order quantity
  • Minimal Order Quantity:  20ft container
  • For Price, need you provide your specifications or requirements
  • Payment Term: T/T
  • Delivery Time: 15days upon down payment date
  • Supply Ability:200000 sheets per month
  • Plywood Cabinet Parts in Processing…

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  • Plywood  in Processing…


[Refer HPVA]

  • The manufacturing of veneer and plywood starts with the selection of the log. Only a certain percentage of logs are suitable for veneer. A log must meet specific grade requirements, be of certain diameter, and depending upon its intended use, may have other desirable characteristics, After transport to the mill, logs are cut to the correct length and stripped of their bark. They are then placed in steam baths for softening before being cut into veneer. The next stage, opening the log, is the most exciting. The pattern of the grain and the natural beauty or “character” marks that are inside the log will be uncovered during this step.
    How the patterns unfold depends on the method of cutting. Veneer may be cut in one of five basic ways. the most commonly produced veneers are rotary and plain sliced.
  • Rotary cut is the only cutting method that is capable of producing whole piece faces, and is less expensive than sliced veneer.
  • Veneer cutting method
  • Particleboard Core Plywood
  • Combination Core Plywood with Composite Inner Ply
  • Medium Density Fiberboard Core Plywood
  • Veneer Core Plywood
  • Combination Core Plywood with Composite Crossbands
  • Although most people think only of a veneer core product when hardwood plywood is mentioned, hardwood plywood actually refers to any multi-ply panel product in which the face of the panel is hardwood or decorative softwood veneer.
  • The illustrations here show the most common hardwood plywood constructions, they are the most common plywood for drawer sides and cabinets carcase parts as such cabinets end panels, shelves, backs and bottoms.as regular, the Veneer Core Plywood is the most type you can found in the cabinets. (refer HPVA)


MR glue is usually mentioned in plywood business. the cheaper glue than Melamine or Phenolic glue. “MR” is the abbreviation of “Moisture Resistant” . MR means to resistant to moisture . So the meaning of “MR” is different from that of “Melamine ” and “phenolic” . “Melamine ” or “phenolic” is a specific glue name . but the word of “WBP” and ” MR ” are only a kind of glue property or feature. If a glue has MR property, the glue will can be called MR glue .
Plywood with MR glue is resistant to moisture , which are usually used for home interior application, such as furniture grade plywood / blockboard etc.

MR glue can be used for some exterior shuttering plywood / film faced plywood as well,MR plywood can be in cold water for some days without delamination,so for some simple construction projects, you can use MR shuttering plywood or MR film faced plywood.However MR plywood will delaminate in hot-water within short time about less than 30 minutes.


What’s the real meaning of WBP?
WBP stands for “Water Boiled Proof” . If you want the panel exposed to weather, water and moisture for a long period but without delamination, WBP glue for the plywood / film faced plywood is the right choice, only the cost will be higher than MR glue plywood.

WBP is also only a kind of property/feature of glue,If a glue has WBP property, the glue will can be called WBP glue .WBP plywood will not delaminate in boiling water for a long period, this is the way to tell from the MR glue plywood and WBP glue plywood.

WBP glues including melamine glue and phenolic glue.
WBP melamine plywood can be in boiling water for 4-8 hours without delamination,
10-20 hours with out delamination is from a better WBP melamine plywood.
WBP phenolic plywood in boiling water for 24-72 hours without delamination
And the best WBP phenolic glue we can consider it as a permanent adhesives.
The craftsmanship of production is also the factor of impacting the quality of water resistance

WBP glue is commonly used for exterior plywood , Marine board, film faced plywood,structural plywood are WBP glue plywood.


  • Light: more suitable for high-rise building and other construction
  • Wide Size:reduce joint number, enhances the working efficiency of the shuttering
  • Good construction performance:The film faced plywood can be used to make camber and it also can be cut into small pieces according the special requirements.
  • Corrosion resistance:  no contaminated the surface of concrete
  • Keeps Warm Well:It is good to keep surface warm in winter and your construction project without discontinued
  • No warping, no fracture, no out of shape after installation, and Repeatedly used more frequently, the surface is smooth, easy to take off the film