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At TIMBERPART,we have cabinets, cabinet doors, wooden drawer boxes, plywood cabinet parts, trim & accessories and other wooden components to fit any home that request from your local customers, whether it’s a simple room or an elaborate formal room, we have a broad selection and flexible solution of laundry rooms,kitchen rooms, bathrooms, garage,Entertainment area and home office.

Looking to create custom cabinets? No problem, work with our staff to create the custom cabinets build with cabinet panels, cabinet doors, drawers and moldings. here makes your business more easy.


A Criterion, A System, to Create a Way of Life

Accurate measurement is our criterion. The deviation, however small, is never ignored.
The mellow gloss reflects our attitude. Flaw and blemish are never neglected.
Maybe we are not genius, but we have the most sincere attitude. Although our craftsmanship may not exceed the art of nature, we’ve decided to work our heart out.
It’s bright but not common, splendid but not excessive. It’s as mild as a jade, with smooth curves and corners.
TIMBERPART knows that we are not only creating a way of life, but are creating a way of harmonious life.


Right Tools Make for Perfect Work

German cupboard has a history of hundreds of years. It has the most precise, elaborate and systematic production process
in the world. And we also use the latest model of Italian cupboard-processing equipment which leaves other equipment far behind. Its outstanding functions mainly include:
— Accurate measurement and perfect surface treatment

— Flexible and diverse modes of production

— High efficiency and timely delivery