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Hardwood Plywood - Part 3
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At Timberpart Cabinets, we offer our customers high quality Hardwood Plywood panels for cabinets, doors, drawers and other wooden products. Timberpart Cabinets deals exclusively with clients who are on the wholesale side of the business, such as distributors, cabinet retailers, builders and manufacturers.

Our wholesale customers come to us with the needs of their clients, who want quality cabinetry that is going to last at an affordable price. Our lines of plywood cover a number of different requests and budgets, so are perfect for any wholesaler to offer their clients.

Using high quality plywood for custom cabinet work has been growing in popularity over the years. Not only is plywood durable and stable, which is perfect for high traffic areas like a kitchen or bathroom, it is also very easy to stain and sand. This allows for the final customer, the homeowner, to have the exactly look they want at a fraction of the cost of traditional cabinets.

Hardwood Plywood

TIMBERPART offer a vast number of choices of base wood for our hardwood plywood including: alder, red oak, hickory, birch and maple.

Each of these popular wood finishes allow customers to be able to choose what type of wood they want to be able to offer their own clients, giving them many options for their plywood cabinets , decoration and construction.

Cabinet Plywood

Cabinet plywood needs to be very durable, after all, cabinets are used in both the kitchen and bathroom multiple times of day by many people in the home. So, as a builder, contractor or re-modeler, it is very important to install high grade cabinetry that is going to last.

By utilizing cabinet plywood that is made of high quality materials and at least 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch thick, customers know they are going to be getting a very sold material to build with. Not only is our cabinet plywood sturdy, it is also light, saving time and energy to install.

Our Cabinet plywood including Poplar veneer core plywood and Eucalyptus veneer core plywood for luan plywood,
.  the Eucalyptus plywood provides stronger and very stable size characteristic, which requests by high end furniture and cabinets. and it cost more than the Poplar plywood.

Cabinet Grade Plywood

Not all plywood is made equally, some is far more suitable for a flooring base because it is thin and rough, at Timberpart Cabinets we put much more time and effort into developing our cabinet grade plywood. Our cabinet grade plywood is inspected to ensure that it is of only the highest quality and looks great all the time.

Timberpart Cabinets provides cabinet grade plywood to all of our customers in natural finishes so that custom final detail work can be installed, or with a solid veneer overlay so that the natural wood grain shows through.

Timberpart Cabinets is committed to providing our wholesale customers with the best and most affordable custom plywood and cabinet plywood on the market. Our plywood products cover a number of styles, ranges and budgets, and will leave the final customer, the homeowner, very happy with their new quality home cabinets.

Premium-Grade Plywood for Cabinets Panels, Door Center Panels, Drawer Bottoms and other Wood Components

Custom Plywood | Cabinet Plywood | Cabinet Grade Plywood

Green Material, CARB 2 Plywood,used for kitchen cabinet and vanity

Quality Standard The Original Engineered and The Most Ubiquitous Building Products, CARB Compliance Plywood, TimberPart Provide a Wide Variety of Appearance Grades:

  • Ranging smooth, natural surfaces suitable for finish work and
  • Ranging underlayment to more economical grades used for wall sheathing and subfloors

(The PLYWOOD For CUSTOM-Made Cabinet Panels)