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Plywood Manufacturing in China Is Booming and Will Continue


For those in the construction industry, including those who buy whole cabinets, the news surrounding the production of plywood can be important. What many of those in this industry do not know is just how much plywood is produced in China. The numbers are impressive.

For the year 2013, it is estimated that China will produce more than $70 billion in plywood products. This represents an amazing growth of 20.8 percent over the last five years. The reason for this success, which is fueled by sales to industries such as building construction, building remodeling and renovation, wood furniture manufacturing, cabinet manufacturing, and ship building, is demand for plywood has gone through the roof.

It was also reported that this feat is not due to any particular plywood manufacturer who is dominating the plywood industry. In fact, China’s exports is said to have played a crucial part in China’s development of the plywood industry right up until 2007. It was in 2007 that anti-dumping policies instituted by United States and the EU actually slowed China’s export growth in their plywood products.

Exports are said to have accounted for about 25 percent of China’s plywood revenue back in 2007 but that number has since dropped considerably. It is now at around 10 percent for the year 2013.

In addition to the anti-dumping policies, increased environmental protection standards on an international scale have also slowed China’s export growth. One of the more commonly known issues is the limiting formaldehyde levels in plywood and plywood products.

dovetail-processingUnlike the US where most plywood manufacturers are big, most of the plywood that is produced in China comes from smaller or medium sized companies. The vast majority of these companies are located in South or East China. Of the four top plywood producers in China, they only account for about 8 percent of the overall plywood revenue, the bulk of revenue coming from much smaller companies.

Plywood has been used in the construction of cabinets for years now and is still a main stay as one of the most popular materials used in the construction of all types of cabinets. With more and more people looking to have new cabinets put into their existing homes and with new home building beginning to recover, plywood use within the US is expected to remain strong.

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  1. With wood flooring, its beettr to install the cabinets 1st as not to even take a chance of scratching the floors. Just boost up the cabinets 3/4″ as not to lose toe kick space. This is very true if some one else is installing the cabinets. Not so bad if your doing the cabinet installation, you ll take care. If your doing all the work, you can install the wood, just know where your new ones lay out and you can put wood just where cabinets, stove and refridge are going. Or just waste some wood and do the whole floor. Done it all these combinations for 20 years. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar, GL

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