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Having the Right Kind of Kitchen Cabinet in Stock Is Important


Builders, contractors, and home improvement stores already know that it is important to have the right products on hand for customers. This also applies to kitchen cabinets. It is a known fact that when it comes to kitchen (and bath) cabinets, customers want what they want and will often not settle for anything else. One problem many of those in the industry face is in knowing what they should have on hand or what they should to the customer. Here are some general tips to help those in the industry better serve their customers and clients.

Wood Cabinets Win Out:

For the vast majority of those who are having a home built or are remodeling, wood cabinets will the option they choose. Wood has been the most popular choice for both kitchen and bath cabinets for ages now, and that trend is likely to continue. It should never be underestimated how important the choice of cabinets is to the homeowner. This is one reason it is important that suppliers have access to a large variety of styles from which the homeowner can select. Not having a good line of options can result in a lost sale.

As you know, there a variety of different types of wood that can be used for cabinetry. Oak, maple, and mahogany occupy the higher priced levels while pine and veneer cabinets occupy the lower price range. It is important to have access to cabinet wholesale vendors who can supply exactly what your customer wants. But, it is just as important to understand that most homeowners are budget-conscious these days and will be looking for high-quality cabinets that are priced within their budget.

It is also important to understand that while the base cabinet (that which supports the weight) is crucial, appearance is just as crucial (if not more so) to the average homeowner. Of course they want a strong cabinet that is not going to sag or collapse, but, for the most part, their buying decision will be based on how the cabinet looks: its appearance.

When you are able to offer your clients and customers a wide variety of styles and appearances, your chances of making the sale are dramatically improved. This is why Timberpart is proud to offer a huge selection of quality wholesale cabinets. These cabinets are made from a variety of woods and are available in a variety of sizes.

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Kitchen Wall Cabinets Can Be Big Sellers:

The average home that is being built or renovated will have at least some kitchen wall cabinets. As is true with base cabinets, kitchen wall cabinets must be strong enough to support their contents, but they must also be attractive to the customer. Timberpart has always concentrated on providing the highest level of strength possible for all of our wall cabinets. We do this by using machine cutting that ensures a perfect fit as well as a variety of other techniques that assure the unit’s quality.

Again, having access to a wholesale cabinet vendor who has a wide selection to choose from is key to improving sales and customer satisfaction.

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