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Decorative Corbels, Architectural Columns and Molding Add Pizzazz
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Decorative Corbels, Architectural Columns and Molding Add Pizzazz

Wood CorbesDecorative wood corbels, classic crown moldings, architectural columns and integrated twisted-rope moldings are always the ideal enhancements to achieve a dramatic effect with cabinets and within a room. Craftsmen can finish off a special project, builders can offer something extra special in upscale homes and home décor companies can offer customers special accents for a classic look. It’s these special accents that add interest, drama and function to cabinetry. No builder or home improvement store should be without them.

Wood corbels are often used to hold up kitchen countertops or to decorate the kitchen island. They are also functional for decorative shelving in libraries, bathrooms and bedrooms. You can find stock corbel products or even have them custom designed to your specifications. Decorative wood corbels have been popular since Neolithic times and can be found in many castles and historic buildings. Today, consumers can bring an old-world elegant look into their homes with either simple or ornate corbels. Popular corbel styles include acanthus, grapes, basket weave and traditional.

Crown molding adds architectural detail to the top of cabinets and can also be used at the base of cabinets. Crown molding can be highly decorative with embossed patterns or simple. Whether crown molding is added to the top of cabinets or the kitchen wall, these details always add a touch of class to the kitchen. Popular patterns include egg and dart, dentil and cove. Under cabinet molding adds the look of a true furniture piece. Individual accents like a twisted rope can be integrated in the design of any crown molding.

Cabinet columns can be used in many different ways. Shorter and flatter columns can be integrated right into the cabinet design or used at kitchen island columns. These enhancements definitely add to the aesthetics of the room.They come in a wide choice or heights and widths to fulfill the needs of most applications. These pieces are sanded down and come ready to paint or stain. Choose a complementing color or go with something edgy for a one-of-a-kind look.

Depending on the project and budget, contractors and retail supply stores have a choice in lower end decorative enhancements and higher end. Even the lower end decorative enhancements are fabricated with quality materials and look good. When choosing a company to source your cabinetry needs, it’s best to carefully evaluate their history and production process. You’ll want to make sure that they are using state-of-the art equipment, quality materials and are able to deliver orders on time.

For years, Timberpart Cabinets has been employing highly skilled craftsmen and meeting customers’ deadlines. Combining skilled craftsmen and the latest technology, we are able to produce detailed and complicated crown molding and wood corbels that many other companies are simply unable to supply. Consistently, we are able to fabricate decorative enhancements that are unparalleled in uniformity and matched to our clients’ specifications. When it comes to quality, custom orders and competitive prices, we are second to none and the go-to company in the cabinetry industry.

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