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Basic Tips on How to Buy Cabinets Wholesale

Wooden-Cabinets-bannerBuying cabinets wholesale does not have to be complicated. Not when you partner with Timberpart Counters. But, for those who may be new to buying wholesale cabinets, here are some important tips that will help you.

Study the Styles:

One of the more important steps those who are new to buying wholesale cabinets can take is to spend some time studying the various styles of cabinets that are available. This would certainly include studying the most popular styles for kitchen and bathroom cabinets which are often the two rooms that your customers will want to buy cabinets for. You can get a good sense of the basic styles by visiting the Timberpart Cabinet website or by studying decorating books.

You will find as you do this research that there are many, many different styles of cabinets available in the wholesale market. You will be able to find just about any size, shape, or design that your customers will be looking for with ease.

Chose Your Cabinet Wholesaler Carefully:

There are many online vendors who say that they carry high-quality wholesale cabinets when, in reality, they do not. Some of the issues that you may run into include:

Wholesale cabinet suppliers who do not carry a complete line of products. This is a common problem that buyers run into. It is important that you work with a wholesale cabinet supplier who has the ability to produce the types of cabinets that your customers want. It is a known fact that homeowners who are looking to have new cabinets want the styles that they want. Period. They will walk away if you do not have access to a full line of high-quality cabinets.

The supplier that you choose to work with must use high-grade materials in the cabinets that they produce. This is one issue that you cannot ignore as you will often be held responsible for the products that you sell or install in the home. Keep in mind that just because a cabinet looks good on the internet does not mean that it has been constructed with high-quality materials or that it was constructed using the best methods. When you buy your wholesale cabinets from Timberpart Cabinets you can be assured that you (and your customers) will be getting some of the finest cabinets on the market today.

By doing some research on wholesale cabinet suppliers, you can also find the best deals for the best products. It makes no sense to pay more for high-quality wholesale cabinets than you have to. This, again, is where Timberpart shines as we always keep our prices low so you can pass those savings along to your customers. But, by that same token, be wary of those suppliers who offer what they call “super deals” on their cabinets. It is a simple fact in the cabinet business that a super low price often means super low quality.

You can get more information on how to buy cabinets wholesale by visiting the Timberpart website.


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  1. To be sure that I don’t do a half job, I break down every task into small areas. For example, in the kicehtn, I just do one drawer at a time or one cabinet at a time. Take everything out of JUST that one small area – sort through it, get rid of what you can, and then put back only what you truly need in an organized fashion. Only then do I go on to the next area. It is much less overwhelming that way, and helps to ensure that nothing only gets halfway done!

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