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Baltic Birch Drawers,premium UV finished drawer sides
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Baltic Birch Drawers, Custom Made to Your Specifications

Our beautiful Baltic birch drawers are custom made from quality kiln-dried birch wood or birch plywood, your choice. You can order these cabinet drawers assembled or unassembled and have them shipped directly to your furniture or cabinet manufacturing location. These customer drawers are perfect in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms and fit well into desks and closets.*

*Note: We have a minimum order quantity for some of our wood drawer components (25 cubic meters, in any combination of drawer sides).

Baltic Birch Drawer Features

  • Choose from various beautiful wood types
  • Get premium quality UV finish, after 300# grit sanding
  • Dovetailed, doweled, or custom-made corner construction options
  • Verified low moisture content before packing
  • Made precisely to your specifications and guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction



Baltic Birch Drawer Corner Construction Options

  • High-quality and distinguished English dovetail corner construction
  • Sturdy and reliable bore and dowel construction, using a 32mm system and 6mm hardwood dowels
  • Butt joint/nailed construction where the corners are both glued and pin-nailed

Baltic Birch Drawer Material Options

  • Baltic birch plywood (cross banded and uni-directional)
  • Baltic Birch finger joint and edge-glued panels
  • Baltic birch edge-glued panels

Baltic Birch Drawer Finish Options

  • Unfinished
  • Prefinished with UV coating
  • Finished after assembly, if ordering drawer bottoms only