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Our Guarantee on Wood Cabinets, Doors, Drawers and Wood Components
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We strive to be your FIRST choice for cabinets, doors, drawers, wood components, and wood accessories. Our mission is to provide the best products in terms of craftsmanship and value, with competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Customer Service

Our Timberpart products are only a part of our service offering. We aim to produce precision products and also provide expert customer services before, during, and after your purchase has been made. We stand behind our brand to offer you the best customer service in the business.

Process Control

Quality control is integrated into every phase of our manufacturing process: from raw material purchasing, process tracking, finished product inspection, installation testing, and integrated manufacturing. We implement quality control in a detailed, systematic process using 16 quality control points, more than 80 inspection checks, and a final hands-on evaluation.

Institutional Guarantee

At Timberpart, we perform a combination of standard product checkpoints and random spot checks, efficient material source recordkeeping, and production installation and testing of our products. Our inspection process helps us identify and remove any unqualified parts. We offer our institutional guarantee in impeccable quality for every product.

If for any reason you see a defect, please notify us and we will gladly discuss your concerns and come to an agreement to exchange your product or provide a refund. We want you to be completely satisfied with every product we ship as well as your experience in doing business with us. We hope for a long-term partnership, not just a one time order. Timberpart makes every effort to comply with the customer’s specifications and follow all standard requirements. We can guarantee that:

  1. Doors, drawer boxes, and wood components are warrantied for up to 1 year from the date of delivery from warping, bowing, twisting, and delamination.
  2. Our doors are made from the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques.
  3. We can provide you with samplesso you can check the quality and approve the material before ordering with us.
  4. After you place an order, we email or call you with any questions before we begin production in order to avoid a mistake.
  5. You will receive up-to-date order tracking and status on a weekly report, with your permission.
  6. You will receive rapid delivery and direct shipment to a job site, as requested.
  7. Your order will be handled honestly and fairly, with no hidden charges or fees.