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Free Samples
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Free Samples

Free Samples

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Wall Kitchen Cabinets

When we have an agreement on the price of your request products,there is nothing like having a sample processed with us to your own hands to see the quality and finish for yourself before you decide to do business with us. We are offering a free sample as the specifications from you and when you order production with us you will get a refund on the cost of the sample.


The regular way we are doing as following.

1, Due to most the products are customized,you need send the specifications of products and standard requirements.
2, We will quote for you based on your specifications and the standard.
3, You accept the quotation and request sample.
4, We send the sample to you after sample ready.
5, Get your approval on the samples.
6, Order production with us.  

We can make one sample for you in the factory, Contact us now to get a sample.