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Timberpart -China Cabinet manufacturer
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Timberpart was originally founded as Gaomi Jinyu Wood Products in 2010, in Weifang  Gaomi City of China. We began the Timberpart trademark in 2012, and continue to produce high-quality products, offer excellent customer service, and experience uninterrupted growth and development. Our enterprise now houses three working plants and three productions lines, with over 300 employees.

Timberpart Philosophy
At Timberpart, we are dedicated and adhere to superior development and commitment in our wooden cabinets, furniture, and metal components. We place our customers first, sharing a positive attitude and great service. As the company expands, we maintain our current business philosophy of integrity, intelligence, and customer value-add. We work with industry partners to craft wood components and meet industry demands.


Timberpart Products
Our Timberpart factory uses only the finest materials to craft wood cabinets, desks, chairs, and furniture along with the required accessories such as metal components, drawer sides, cabinet wooden doors, decorated metal glass doors, wooden legs, and other building materials needed in the manufacturing process.

Timberpart Services
At Timberpart, we carefully review and adhere to the highest standards in our production processes including design diagrams, product development, raw materials purchases, product testing, and quality control to ensure employee safety and full customer satisfaction. We stand behind superior customer service principles before, during, and after your purchase. We make every effort to personally design each product based on unique customer needs and requirements.


Contact Information
Tel: 0086-536-8913887
Cell: 0086-18765743579
Fax: 0086-536-8913887
Email: gaomiwood@timberpart.com
Website: https://timberpart.com
Factory address: Liquan Industrial Park
Baimaihu Street
Weifang Gaomi City
China 261500